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Magento vs. WordPress: Starting an Ecommerce Online Store

Magento and WordPress are management platforms for ecommerce online store. If you are thinking of starting an online shop or business then think with the basis of the two platforms in mind.

At this juncture, a question may pop in your mind. You may be asking yourself about the best type of platform to work with. According to the research done by many, the recommendations have always been if really you are serious about starting an online business then you should consider working with the Magento platform. It is a platform that is designed in such a way that it offers a very fine degree of control. This is the perfect choice for those biggest businesses that are always thought to be more complex and difficult to manage.

This does not mean that WordPress is a very poor kind of platform to work with. This is nice as well. However, it operates via a third party plugin. Due to this, you may think that it is less popular than the Magento but I want to say that it is a broader and more popular content management system.

Choosing between the two should never be an issue. Many people around the universe have used both types of systems and they have been proven excellent. Thus, it means the choice all depends with your individual needs.

Let us take a keen a look at both of them and try to determine the impeccable system for you. You are recommended to use Magento if:

v  You are in need of full control of every content in your online business.

v  Your company is a kind of company with a very large and an ever-growing product catalogue.

v  You really want to apply advanced forms of businesses like drop shipping.

v  The prices of your products are ever static. This is possible if the prices depend on the quantity that is ordered.

v  You are in need of a wide range of plugins with the aim of adding and improving the functionality of your store.

v  You would like to integrate your online business with your accounting system with the aim of synchronizing the customers’ data and orders.

v  Your customers are categorized in different levels as a result of the difference in their pricing or needs.

v  You have expectations of future expansions of your online business.

v  You would like to split your business into different branches. Magento allows the management of other smaller websites from a single Magento installation.

On the other hand you are advised to use the WordPress if:

v  You already have an online store which uses WordPress and you are not interested in starting another online store from scratch.

v  You have a financial plan that is limited.

v  Your products do not cover a wide range.

v  Your online store will only be covering a small part of your website.

Above all the two types of management systems both have the essential functions required in management off online stores and can be managed by very little knowledge.